HPC Tempe Copper Fire Bowl – Electronic Ignition or Match Lit


The Tempe Hand Hammered, Oiled Copper Fire Bowl and Copper Fire and Water Bowl are a best seller and will add a clean and sleek value to any build. It have a low profile stance/media that cover the entire inside of the bowl.

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HPC Copper Fire Bowl – Tempe – Electronic Ignition or Match Lit

The beautiful Tempe Hand Hammered, Oiled Copper Fire Bowl, and Copper Fire and Water Bowl are built to allow the control box of the remote electronic ignition inserts to be mounted outside or below the copper bowl as well as the match lit ignition system valve. This gives the flexibility for placing the fire bowl at ground level.

This round hammered bowl has an oil-rubbed finish. Controls sit below the bowl.
Size: 31” diameter, 10.5” tall, 10” base Burner: 12” Penta Pan: 19” Bowl Tempe – Controls below the bowl
12vac Models require HPC/SEBCO 12vac, 100W Power Supply for copper ONLY


IgnitionBowl TypePowerGas TypeModelsMax BTU
Electronic Ignition (EI)Fire120VACNatural GasTEMP31-EI-NG/120VAC50k
EIFire120VACLiquid PropaneTEMP31-EI-LP/120VAC50k
EIFire24VACNatural GasTEMP31-EI-NG/24VAC50k
EIFire24VACLiquid PropaneTEMP31-EI-LP/24VAC50k
EIFire & Water12VACNatural GasTEMP31W-EI-NG/12VAC50k
EIFire & Water12VACLiquid PropaneTEMP31W-EI-LP/12VAC50k
Match Lit (MLFPK)Fire Natural GasTEMP31-MLFPK-NG50k
 Fire Liquid PropaneTEMP31-MLFPK-LP50k
  Fire & Water Natural GasTEMP31W-MLFPK-NG50k
  Fire & Water Liquid PropaneTEMP31W-MLFPK-LP 50k


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