HPC Stainless Steel Covers


HPC Stainless Steel Covers

These stainless steel covers are constructed of #304, 20 gauge material with handle. Great for covering fire pits without outdoor logs. Linear trough covers are designed specifically for our trough series, be it match lit, manual ignition, or remote electronic ignition models. These are lightweight and have handles for ease of use.

Brushed28” x 9.5”TPHC-24SS1”111lbs
Brushed40” x 9.5”TPHC-36SS1”113lbs
Brushed52” x 9.5”TPHC-48SS1″215lbs
Brushed64” x 9.5”TPHC-60SS1″218lbs
Brushed28” x 16”HPHC-24X12SS1″116lbs
Brushed34” x 16”HPHC-30X12SS1″118lbs
Brushed40” x 18”HPHC-36X14SS1″120lbs
Brushed46” x 18”HPHC-42X14SS1″222lbs
Brushed58” x 20”HPHC-54X16SS1″228lbs

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