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HPC Fire Pit Glass Wind Guards


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HPC Fire Pit Glass Wind Guards

HPC provides a high-quality glass wind guard specially designed to complement as well as provide additional safety for HPC fire pit inserts of all shapes- round, square, rectangle, and linear. These feature a durable tempered glass construction to ensure a long-lasting, heat-resistant product. Wind guards reduce flame disturbance of your fire pit and prevent loose items from getting too close to the flames.


  • Tempered Glass – Heavy duty 3/16” clear glass is tempered to improve durability
    and allow it to withstand high temperatures.
  • Depending on wind guard size- 4 or 6 sections complete the desired shape.
  • Brackets- Polished aluminum brackets and plastic support feet provided.
 38″WG38-RD (6 Pieces)6″
 48″WG48-RD (6 Pieces)6″
Rectangle31″ x 19″WG31X19-RECT6″
 37″ x 19″WG37X19-RECT6″
 43″ x 21″WG43X21-RECT-SQ6″
 49″ x 21″WG49X21-RECT 6″
 61″ x 23″WG61X23-RECT6″
Linear31″ x 15″WG31X15-L6″
 43″ x 15″WG43X15-L6″
 55″ x 15″WG55X15-L6″
 67″ x 15″WG67X15-L6″
Square25″ x 25″WG25-SQ6″
 31″ x 31″WG31-SQ6″
 37″ x 37″WG37-SQ6″
 43″ x 43″WG43-SQ6″
 49″ x 49″WG49-SQ6″


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