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HPC 80″ x 24″ Rectangle Interlink Enclosure Small Tank Series – Ready To Finish Complete Kit


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HPC 80″ x 24″ Rectangle H-Burner Enclosure Small Tank Series – Ready To Finish Complete Kit

COMPLETE FIRE PIT PACKAGES.Now with a Lifetime warranty on all Burners!

New Ready-to-Finish small tanks from HPC provide the look of a professionally installed fire pit that offers the ideal solution for people who do not have access to natural gas or desire the convenience of not having to run a gas line. This outdoor fire feature kit creates a professional look while keeping the propane tank hidden from sight.


  • Complete package includes a fire pit, enclosure, fully assembled insert, flex line & instructions
  • The unfinished enclosure is ready to finish with any material, such as concrete, brick or stone
  • Flame control technology provides a monitoring system for greater safety
  • 24” gas flex line allows for easier testing, hookup, and safety


  • Pre-constructed so safety and functionality are designed in
  • Reduced installation time
  • LP tanks are easily hidden for a clean look
  • Complete package ships together for reduced freight cost


Ignition Size Gas Type Models Max BTU
Push Button 80″ x 24″ Liquid Propane UST80X24/49X8FPPKCEK-LP 90k
Match Lit 80″ x 24″ Liquid Propane UST80X24/49X8MLFPKCEK-LP 65k


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