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HPC Round Enclosure – Ready To Finish Complete Kit


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HPC Round Enclosure – Ready To Finish Complete Kit


These units are unfinished to allow the customer to finish with stone, veneer, or stucco to match their surrounding. Units are available in Electronic Ignition, Push Button – Flame Sense, and Match Lit.

45″ x 18″ & 54″ x 18″ Round Unfinished Enclosure with Electronic Ignition Package. Includes 45″x18″ Round Shaped Hardiboard & Galvanized Steel Framed Enclosure, Stainless Steel Vents, and CSA Certified 125k BTU Hot Surface Ignition Fire Pit Insert (25″ Stainless Steel Bowl Pan, 18” Penta Burner and Electronic Ignition Valve Box) – FOR NATURAL GAS & 120VAC CONFIGURATION ONLY. Enclosure weighs 150lb and ships separate from the Fire Pit.



IgnitionSizePowerGas TypeModelsMax BTU
Electronic Ignition (EI)45″120VACNatural GasU45R/25SSCEK-NG/120VAC125k
EI120VACLiquid PropaneU45R/25SSCEK-LP/120VAC125k
EI24VACNatural GasU45R/25SSCEK-NG/24VAC125k
EI24VACLiquid PropaneU45R/25SSCEK-LP/24VAC125k
Push Button120VACNatural GasU45R/FPPK25CEK-NG65k
Push Button120VACLiquid PropaneU45R/FPPK25CEK-LP65k
Match LitNatural GasU45R/MLFPK25CEK-NG90K
Match LitLiquid PropaneU45R/MLFPK25CEK-LP90K


IgnitionSizePowerGas TypeModelsMax BTU
Electronic Ignition (EI)54″120VACNatural GasU54R/25SSCEK-NG/120VAC125k
EI120VACLiquid PropaneU54R/25SSCEK-LP/120VAC125k
EI24VACNatural GasU54R/25SSCEK-NG/24VAC125k
EI24VACLiquid PropaneU54R/25SSCEK-LP/24VAC125k
Push Button24VACNatural GasU54R/FPPK25CEK-NG90k
Push Button24VACLiquid PropaneU54R/FPPK25CEK-LP90k
Match Lit24VACNatural GasU54R/MLFPK25CEK-NG65k
Match Lit24VACLiquid PropaneU54R/MLFPK25CEK-LP65k

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