At Outdoor Flames we offer several brand names of outdoor electric fireplaces, including Amantii (including the Symmetry Series by Amantii) and Remii, with dozens of models to choose from.

Choose your Size

Once you decide where you want to create your outdoor haven, you need to choose the right size for your space. Look at the area where you want your outdoor electric fireplace, imagine it with your favorite outdoor furniture, then decide what size you want. Take some measurements and then look at models which meet your needs. Outdoor Flames fireplaces range from three-sided cube models to 88” wall mounts. We have over 80 outdoor models available in a wide variety of sizes.


Choose your Style

Gone are the days of only having a few styles to choose from for your outdoor electric fireplace. Pick your width, depth, height, and style according to what you want.

Depending on your circumstances, you may be drawn to the clean look of the Symmetry series, which ranges in size from 34” to 100”. Symmetry has four series to choose from SYM, SYM-B, SYM-BESPOKE, and SYM XT. Choose the style and media to fit your space. With plenty of choices in sizes, media, and flames, you can even match your new outdoor fireplace with your outdoor color scheme.

The Remii series of electric fireplaces are another great option for outdoor fireplaces. Remii has a line of smaller, regular size and deep and extra tall that may be the perfect fit for your outdoor oasis.

As always, check our open-box sales page to see if the fireplace you love has some great savings attached to it.

Chaise loungers by the pool with an outdoor electric fireplace

Choices, Choices

Once you’ve picked the size, series, and style you want, don’t forget the media. Many models offer choices between type and style of wood, to the color of the fire-glass. Many also offer multi-colored flame options and have remote controls.

For those who want WiFi control, look into the Symmetry Bespoke, models 50, 60, and 74 which all have WiFi control.

Take your time and we are sure you’ll find the one that is perfect for your needs, here at Outdoor Flames.