It’s Time For a Fabulous Fire Pit

There’s something about being outside and sitting around a fire that makes the world a better place. Maybe it harkens back to ancient times. Perhaps we just like the way it looks and how it makes us feel. Whatever the reason, Outdoor Flame has some great options for you to choose from and some even better reasons for getting a fire pit!

Extend the Day and the Summer With a Fire Pit

Whether it’s you, you and the family, or a night of connecting with friends, sitting around a fire puts almost everyone in a good mood. When the sun goes down,  it’s so nice to sit around a fire pit, chat and enjoy the dancing flames. The glow from the fire pit helps you see your home, outdoor space, and garden in a whole new way.  

Once summer fades into fall, you can still enjoy your outdoor oasis with a cozy fire pit to keep everyone warm. Depending on your outdoor space, you can enjoy your fire pit year-round. Imagine a Hallowe’en party around the fire or drinking hot chocolate at Christmas time. It’s a great way to get fresh air and stay warm. Besides, you’ve put a lot of time and effort into creating your outdoor space, you might as well enjoy it as much as you can.

This Fire and Water Copper Bowl brings elegance to any outdoor space

Relaxation Therapy

Did you know that watching fire can relax you and lower your blood pressure? Christopher Dana Lynn, an anthropologist at University of Alabama, studied the effect of sitting by a fire on 226 adults. The finding concluded that, “hearth and campfires induce relaxation as part of a multisensory, absorptive, and social experience.” The same study also pointed out that participants were more relaxed and more socially inclined when sitting by the fire.

If anyone asks why you’re getting a fire pit, tell it’s for your health!

Distinct Styles, Shapes and Sizes

Outdoor Flames offers a large variety of styles, shapes and sizes of DIY fire pits and copper fire bowls to match your own unique style. Some of the DIY fire pits have space for a small tank and some are to be hooked up directly to gas.

The DIY fire pits come in rectangle, square, octagon and circular shapes. The beauty of these fire pits is that you can finish them any way you like to match your space. Fire pits run on propane or natural gas, and many will hold a small tank within the enclosure.

DIY Fire Pit Round-Enclosure

DIY Round-Enclosure. Finish it to match your outdoor space

The copper fire bowls are a work of art. These hand-hammered, oiled copper bowls are beautiful to look at even without the fire. You can light them with a match or with electronic ignition. They also come in an assortment of shapes from round to square and rectangle. Sizes range from 32” across to 47” of head turning elegance.

Copper bowl firepit Mesa-Fire-Water Copper Mesa-Fire-Water Bowl

Whichever shape, size or style you choose, you are sure to relax and enjoy your outdoor space with your new fire pit or fire bowl.

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