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Welcome to It’s your first and last stop in sourcing beautiful, contemporary fireplaces.

Outdoor Flames has a wide selection of indoor and outdoor gas and electric fireplaces as well as inserts, wall mounted and freestanding models. All our fireplaces have clear, stylish designs and some make perfect corner fireplaces.

When you are decorating, redesigning, remodelling or building something new, outdoor or indoor, will probably have one or two that is just right for your project.

Some of the fireplace brands we carry include Amantii, Sierra Flame, Remii and Symmetry.

Choose from our vast selection of linear, wall mount, inserts, built-in, free standing and outdoor fireplaces.

View some of our wide variety of electric fireplaces.

Linear Fireplaces

Our fireplace manufacturers designed their linear fireplaces with a contemporary, creative appeal. They look great, have hi-tech features and wide variety of media. Put it together to suit your style and set the mood for your room.

Linear fireplaces are exactly that, long and rectangular. People love linear fireplaces are they are so versatile. You can mount them low, like a traditional fireplace, mid-wall to make them a centerpiece of the room, or at eye level for that wow effect. As these fireplaces let the heat cascade downwards, you can easily put a TV or work of art above them should you choose to mount your fireplace lower down on the wall. carries both electric and gas linear fireplaces in a wide variety of lengths from 30 to 100 inches! We truly have a fireplace for almost every room, indoors or out.

Wall Mount Fireplaces carries a wide assortment of wall mount models, in a range of styles from 4” thin linear models to 6.5” traditional styles to three-sided tru-view models that you plug in and enjoy. All wall mount fireplaces are easy to install. If you can hang a picture, you can hang a wall mount electric fireplace.

Wall mount fireplaces can also be recessed during the construction or remodelling stage of your project.


When you don’t want to keep your old wood or gas fireplace, inserts are the answer. With a range of sizes, your electric insert will fit nicely into an existing space.

Outdoor Fireplaces

You’ll find the majority of the fireplaces we carry, can be installed outdoors as well. From three-sided tru-view to extra slim linear fireplaces, we have one to make your outdoor space into a haven.


Traditional Fireplaces

Unlike the linear, traditional fireplaces have more of a square look. They harken back to a simpler time and give a warm, homey feel to any room.

Amantii’s TRD (Traditional) series comes in several sizes from 26 to 42 inches long. The TRD series also has electric inserts that fit into spaces where wood or gas fireplaces once existed.

There are also traditional style gas fireplaces like the Thompson, Boston and Newcomb models.

Cast Iron Stoves carries two types of cast iron stoves by Lynwood:  wood and electric.

The electric cast iron stove is the perfect compromise for those who don’t want to haul wood into the home, but still want the look of a cast iron stove. Homey, decorative and functional, they add warmth to any room. Choose from 50” freestanding cast iron and 70” freestanding cast iron.

Built-In Fireplaces

A built-in fireplace is usually a masonry-style fireplace created with a wood frame and built into a wall. These wood-framed fireplaces are normally designed into new builds or renovations where no fireplace existed before.

Both gas and wood built-ins require a chimney/venting to function properly. Any of inserts can be used, or you can do a search on our website for built-in models.




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